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I'm a social geography student from Paris, and a contributor for a new blog dedicated to pop culture & intersectional feminism called Critical Writ. I'm particularly interested in lesbian fiction of every genre.


I have a preference for romance & Fantasy/sci-fi, and will pay a lot of attention to gender roles, healthy/unhealthy relationships and consent in stories I read.


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Death by the Riverside

Death by the Riverside - J.M. Redmann The beginning of the series, while still possessing some of the elements that make the series as a whole quite a good read, does however feature a very unhealthy dose of slut-shaming and quite dysfonctionnal friendships— if you can cringe your way through the first two books, the series gets a lot better— despite Mickey and Cornelia's unbelievably bad communication, and each book's plot is usually very good and refreshing.