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I'm a social geography student from Paris, and a contributor for a new blog dedicated to pop culture & intersectional feminism called Critical Writ. I'm particularly interested in lesbian fiction of every genre.


I have a preference for romance & Fantasy/sci-fi, and will pay a lot of attention to gender roles, healthy/unhealthy relationships and consent in stories I read.


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Witch Wolf

Witch Wolf - Winter Pennington Additional tags :
— U-haul at first sight
— Character who's part human, part werewolf, part witch, part psychic, part this, part that, and probably 1/64th cherokee or something like that. New powers will be added to fit the story.
— author mistaking bdsm roleplay for actual social interaction, thus turning this book into a giant sexual harassment lawsuit waiting to happen. Come to think of it, I've yet to read a book where a character explicitly consents to sexually dominant & controlling behavior before it actually happening.
— The crotch, aka the secondary human brain / You may not consent but if I touch your crotch you'll just accept sex anyway / Consent? Rape culture? Never heard of em :o
— Will probably feature a few orgies and quite-a-few-somes before the end of the series
— You need to have sex with this character who's been sexually harassing you domme style for three books in order to catch the killer and solve the plot, and yet it's the most convenient bullshit ever and who needs consent anyway this is vampire fiction
— Characters guilt tripping and manipulating each other into sex. The first book is okay-ish even thought there's a scene of non consensual sex, but as the series goes it just gets more rapey and abusive, damn.