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Pillows & Blankets

I'm a social geography student from Paris, and a contributor for a new blog dedicated to pop culture & intersectional feminism called Critical Writ. I'm particularly interested in lesbian fiction of every genre.


I have a preference for romance & Fantasy/sci-fi, and will pay a lot of attention to gender roles, healthy/unhealthy relationships and consent in stories I read.


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Bloody Claws

Bloody Claws - Winter Pennington One of the rapey-est, most unhealthy and abusive romance I've heard in the lesbian PU genre. Seriously people stop writing your submissive bdsm fetishes in fiction if you can't deal with concepts like consent. Not everyone can see characters being pushed into sex that haven't consented to and think "oh it's just bdsm roleplay". Books are more powerful than that, you can't just write your fetishes down irresponsibly and think everything will be well.