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I'm a social geography student from Paris, and a contributor for a new blog dedicated to pop culture & intersectional feminism called Critical Writ. I'm particularly interested in lesbian fiction of every genre.


I have a preference for romance & Fantasy/sci-fi, and will pay a lot of attention to gender roles, healthy/unhealthy relationships and consent in stories I read.


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Hell's Belle

Hell's Belle - Marie Castle A good read, although my main concern with it is that there are FAR TOO MANY side characters that seems to be introduced here for no other purpose than either a cameo or an upcoming sequel/prequel. There are at least five or six named side characters we didn't need to know and their appearance felt far too much like unecessary filling bloating the story, especially if they cannot be distinguished from other characters other than by their name.

Also, the action is a little messy at times.