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I'm a social geography student from Paris, and a contributor for a new blog dedicated to pop culture & intersectional feminism called Critical Writ. I'm particularly interested in lesbian fiction of every genre.


I have a preference for romance & Fantasy/sci-fi, and will pay a lot of attention to gender roles, healthy/unhealthy relationships and consent in stories I read.


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Something in the Wine

Something in the Wine - Jae While Jae always writes enjoyable romances, I felt this one was a bit wasted on a somewhat silly and contrived plot— and frankly both Drew and Annie are incredible pushovers for staying friends with an absolute trashbag manchild like Jake. The way he treats Drew like she's a predator or Annie like she's a child... Ugh.

Also, the more I read F/F romances, the more I feel like making a study on what beverages lesbian/bi women drink. Back when I first dabbled in the community everyone would tell me that beer is the lesbian thing (mind you, I'm french so wine is kind of a everyone else thing already). But I've read so many lesbian romances with bi/lesbian wine drinkers, I'm starting to wonder if there's a cultural pattern under it.

Maybe it's a butch/femme thing.
(tag yourself, I'm a tea femme)